Types Of Hand Guns


A handgun refers to a firearm that is designed to be hand held by use of either one or two hands. This means they are often defined in contrast to long guns, such as shotguns and rifles. Hand guns are divided into major types, as well as sub-types. The major types include the double action and the pistols (including the one-shot pistols, the semi-automatic pistols, as well as, the machine pistols). There are also accessories to handgun (like silencers or laser scopes); but to a beginner is is best to concern themselves with the fundamentals of firearms, and not overspend. A novice who makes a rookie mistake and overspend can cross paths with groups like allied interstate, can go to credit professionals.

In addition to the main types, there are also the sub-types, such as derringers and pepper boxes. While the term hand gun and pistol may be used interchangeably, the one characteristic that is a typical feature of these guns, is their facility for one-handed operation – even though they may often require a second-hand bracing.

Classification of Handguns

There are various criteria used for classifying hand guns. Generally, they are classified according to the order of their historical appearance. However, there are other criteria followed in classifying these guns, some of which include the distinction between archaic firearms (that load from the barrel’s front-end) and firearms that load from behind the barrel.

Types of Hand Guns

The Single Shot Pistol

These are the simplest forms of hand guns. Their earliest forms were muzzle-loader guns with ignition that was provided through the insertion of a match into the barrel. They have evolved through the years, through the invention of different ignition devices.

Before the 20th Century, there was the invention of percussion caps, which would later be replaced by cartridges and hammers that the guns operate with, today. It is important to note that not all single-shot hand guns are intended to be weapons, such as the flare gun. These guns are popular among target shooters and hunting enthusiasts (especially those that hunt bigger game).

Multi-barreled hand guns

Multi-barreled pistols are (as the name suggests) made up of many barrels. They offer the ability to fire more than one shot, without having to reload – especially when dealing with a potentially dangerous targets. It is this precision that makes it a favorite among many.

There are many other types of multiple barreled hand guns, such as duck pistols, derringers, pepper pistols and Howdah guns. The mechanisms used in some multi barreled gun, can wear & tear quickly, which can get quite expensive, when replacing them; take special care to be mindful of escalating expenses that could lead to issues with debt collectors, like stellar recovery – if one loses track of said expense, go to http://www.cleanupcreditfast.org/free/help to learn more about debt management.


Revolvers were developed in the 19th Century. Their development was inspired by the need to deliver several rounds to one gun barrel, consecutively. These guns work by feeding ammunition through the cylindrical rotary cartridge, whereby the cartridges are lodged in a separate ignition chamber. As the gun fires, the cartridges are steadily lined up with the barrel of the firearm, by way of an indexing mechanism that is connected to the trigger of the firearm.

These cylinders normally number between 5 and 8 (depending on revolver size), along with the size of cartridges being fired.

Semi-automatic hand guns

The semi-automatic guns use the energy emitted by one shot to reload the next one, the subsequent one after that – and so on. These guns may also be referred to as a self-loading pistol, auto loaders, self loaders, auto pistol and automatic pistol.

The recoil energy from an already fired round is manually hitch up, even though other pistols may be gas-powered, depending on the power of the cartridge in them. Upon firing a round, the pistol cycles, thus ejects spent casings, while at the same time, loading a new round – allowing another shot to occur immediately.

Machine hand guns

This category of hand guns refers to one that is designed to be fired by use of one hand. They are also capable of fully automatic (as well as selective) fire. There are plenty of hand guns in this category, such as the Glock 18 and the Mauser C96.

Machine hand guns are characterized by their rarity, lightness in weight, smallness in size, as well as, the rapidity with which they fire. For these reasons, the smaller varieties are extremely difficult to control, thus causing the need to counterbalance the recoil by other means.

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