Types of Shooting Sports

Shooting sports are competitive sports that involve proficiency tests (such as speed and accuracy) with the use of air-guns and firearms. Hunting is an excellent shooting sport, as well as live pheasant shooting, since they made the Olympics a more memorable event during the 1990s. This kind of sports is actually categorized by gun types used, including distances and targets that are involved in the shooting.

Nowadays, there are more than 1 million youth participants joining in various shooting sports and other affiliated programs. They participate in groups like JROTC, ROTC, National Guard Bureau, Scholastic Clay Target Program, USA High School Clay Target League, US Jaycees, NCAA, American Legion, Boy Scouts of America and 4-H. Such programs have successfully continued their goals, in spite of the political strain to disperse it. However, the triumphs of the programs are repeatedly characterized by education and emphasis on safety.

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Target Shooting in the Olympic Games

In the annual Olympic Games, shooting sports have ultimate public relations opportunities since it has always been enjoyed in mass media. Across the globe, the ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) took responsibility to oversee shooting events in every Olympic Games event. On the other hand, the NGBs (National Governing Bodies) manage the sport events in every country. As the original founder of shooting sports regulations in America, NRA holds the duty of administering US participation during the Olympics.

Nowadays, there are various types of shooting sports performed in various competitions, through the use of rifles, shotguns and pistols. Some competitions use all of these firearms, in order to determine the winner. The following are the various types of shooting sports that you will see during sports events in many parts of the world:

  • Trap Shooting – this involves shotguns used to shoot clay-disc targets in an aerial position. The clay (more commonly known as pigeons) are actually launched in various positions that shooters must target. Sporting clays, skeet and trap shooting are great examples of this shooting sport.

  • Bull’s-eye Target Shooting – this is one of the popular pistol competitions you can experience. Competitors deal with circular targets within a 50ft range and are rated according to their shots from their shooting position.

  • National Match Target Shooting – this shooting sport is most common during rifle and pistol competitions. With longer ranges and long-range sniper targets, competitors enjoy 100-1000 yards of targeting range.

  • 3-Gun Competition – this is today’s most popular shooting sports that involve pistol, shotgun and rifle. However, using various types of firearms is employed in consecutive order, so competitors must listen carefully to the instructions before they start shooting. This match is scored and timed, so shooters need to be aware of their performance before the game starts.

  • Action Shooting – this is also referred to as practical or dynamic shooting which involves precision and speed. Disciplines include movement and use of firearms to reach the targets. The largest and oldest sanctioning body, when it comes to practical shooting, is the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

  • Rifle Shooting Competitions – there are a lot of shooting competitions that use rifle as the main weapon. Some of these competitions include gallery rifle shooting, Benchrest shooting, long-range shooting, full-bore target shooting, field target, small-bore rifle shooting and many more. The MSR (military service rifle) is also a recognized shooting discipline which incorporates rifles in targeted shooting. Also, competitors can receive gun financing, to help them enter a completion. If you ran into financial problems resulting from high interest rates from gun financing, an experian dispute may be able to help you.

Other Shooting Sports that Don’t Involve Guns

Archery is another shooting sport that uses shooting arrows from a defined distance through a target. In modern archery competitions, a highly recognized competition is target archery – which is common in America and Europe. The World Archery Federation administers and rules these kinds of competitions with various standards to be followed, depending on the country.

Crossbow (or Match Crossbow) is a type of target shooting that also involves a form of archery. With the help of the IAU or the International Crossbow Shooting Union, this particular sport is regulated while supervising international, continental and world crossbow matches, in three major disciplines namely: The 30m match crossbow, the 10m match crossbow and field crossbow shooting. Every 2 years, the IAU World Championships take place, while the Continental Championships occurs in the superseding years.

Pierre de Coubertin originally founded the Modern Olympics, and introduced the French pistol during the early competitions. With his ideas, 5 shooting events were included during the 1896 Olympic Games. From thereon, the shooting sport events continued to evolve, and increasingly became popular among shooters around the globe. The targets (which in earlier times, resembled animals and humans in their size and shape) were now changed to circular shapes, to prevent associating violence with any sport events involving guns. Through the years, there are certain events which were replaced with new ones, in order to provide better competition for participants. Participant in need of funding to enter an event, can use gun financing to meet this end. Remember, if your credit report has been blemished, as a result of gun financing that has gone awry, you can get it removed, by requesting an  equifax dispute.